Using video in real estate

real estate presentation

This is how you get your property listings to stand out!

This is the game-changing strategy that’s revolutionizing property listings, for you.

Video that engages the right people.

With this kind of video, you will talk directly to the person on the other end, the person will get much more out of the video, than just looking at pictures, because the video is showing them the home, like you would in a presentation. The style of the avatar and the wording are made to match the idea customer.

Benefits of AI Avatars in Real Estate:

  1. Personalized Experience with video in real estate
    • “Imagine having a virtual assistant that knows what your clients want. AI avatars can offer personalized tours, answering questions on the fly. It’s like having a 24/7 sales agent! – that is how video in real estate works”
  2. Cost-Effective
    • “Let’s be real; hiring multiple sales agents can be costly. With AI avatars, you get round-the-clock service without the overhead!”
  3. Interactive and Engaging
    • “Static images are so last decade. AI avatars interact with clients, keeping them engaged longer. The longer they stay, the more likely they’ll make a move!”
  4. Global Reach
    • “Language barriers? Time zones? Forget about ’em! AI avatars can communicate in multiple languages and are always up, even when you’re not.”

From making a video for every listing to an avatar that can talk back to your customers.

The possibilities are there, but do you want to use them?